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I'll become greater evil
I, Lelouch vi Britannia, command you.
I am the man that creates miracles. To many, I'm know as Zero. You might see me around a green-haired witch, she's my accomplice.

When people lie, they're doing it to protect the ones they love.
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Kallen & Lelouch’s awkward encounter.

Aside from the rebellion he has started, he was a little behind in school. Though, he’s used to juggling so many things at once hee figured that he needed to catch up. Maybe even get a little ahead of his classes. He asked his teachers to give him the work three weeks before it was given to the rest of the class. He spent all day where he hoped that no one would interrupt him with his task. He sighed. School really wasn’t hard, that’s why he could sleep though half of his class and still maintain a good grade point avenge. He finally after hours lifted his head and noticed that everyone was gone. Except for the librarian, but she always let him stay even when she leaves. He heard a few footsteps, but decided it was probably Rolo spying on him so he tried to just ignore it. “I figured you would come find me.” He stated.

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